Wizworks: Film City

The Wizworks Office concept of ‘Work, Play, Grow’ sets a new standard for modern coworking space. The second branch of wizworks Offices are located on the busy 3rd floor of building 24B,Film City, Noida.Wizworks serviced offices, ready-to-use meeting rooms and event spaces; serve high-performance local and international ‘millenial’ start-up companies, scaleup, SMEs and large organizations who need a working hub.

High-performance workplaces enable people to be productive, engaged and happy, whether they are distributed workers, digital nomads or working in an office building, hospital, lab, campus or at home. asid’s evidence-based design solutions optimize the potential of these experiences. This may involve decreasing occupancy costs, embodying an organization’s culture or fostering innovation—however our client defines success.

The internal studios were shaped as a neutral flexible canvas to varied client requirements.The workspaces are kept as clean configurations that enhance the reconfiguration of the space.Given the simplicity of premises, the richly-detailed material palette, biophilic design and graphics add interesting layers of textures to the workspaces.