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We believe that the best architecture comes from synthesis of all the the elements of the building: the structure that holds it up, the services that allow it to function, it's ecology, the quality of natural light, symbolism of form, the way you move around it, and last but not the least, it's ability to lift the spirits

Your key needs form the core of our designs. To understand them, our team engages in an intensive discussion process to reveal your culture priorities, operational dynamics and technical requirements.

asid's ability to connect

asid's ability to connect across different disciplines allows it to see "Big picture" and because we approach design with many different perspectives gives us an unparrallel ablility to innovate. Collaboration with Clients, Colleagues, and Consultants result in creation of wonderful spaces, ideas emerge from intersection of many active minds and imaginations. The design thus created meets even the most complex planning and design challenges.

We work using Building information Modeling (BIM).

We work using Building information Modeling (BIM). This uses three-dimensional modeling to enable us and client to fully experience the building as it is developed. Areas for improvement or correction can be quickly identified and modified before construction begins. Hence the spaces that emerge work optimally from day one, and require less remedial (and expensive) alterations after completion.

asid's in-house conceptualization to completion expertise can lead the entire project from site selection to construction. This enables projects to be undertaken from a single point of responsibility. We provide the Client an end to end solution, with a warranted price.