Since its inception GlobalLogic has seen its business mount. Due to accelerated growth and development, they needed a resilient and creative work environment to support their viewpoint of “we make it work”.

Enveloping the floor’s functional core, we strategically created a layer of meeting, conference rooms, cabins etc with transparent partitions, whilst the outer edge was reserved for dedicated work-points, for specific tasks, infused with daylight.

Reserved exclusively for staff, the floor provides a variety of multi-functional spaces conducive for collaboration, socializing, and focus work.

incorporating a vibrant mix of color graphics and custom artwork across multi-functional community spaces, this new office expresses the company’s fun, energetic, and innovative personality while honoring diverse cultures and policy of inclusion, enabling GlobalLogic to meet its future business goals, create exciting social destinations with open and semi-private spaces

Values of knowledge and intelligence are embedded in The Googler Room, a stripped adaptive collaborative room that billets secured “google” activities. Sound absorbing acoustic panels are patterned in timber to be functional and also pleasing to the eye