The concept we had in mind was to provide sensory feeling “arousing the sixth sense”!

The design is luxuriously homely, urban lifestyle atmosphere that provides privacy and warmth. raw and natural materials like wood, metal, concrete and internal landscapes to soften the environment, mood and tone have been proposed for this project.

The active reception with coffee bar and hot desk working area is a hub formed with styled ceiling to table wrapping furniture, surrounded by a natural, green environment, that forms the focal point of the design scheme. The design reflects the inclusive culture and partnership approach to working with clients. The reception opens up to the larger community space that provides a single location for members to work, socialize and hold community events.

From this point on, the journey is split to flexible work-suites offerings, interactive spaces to develop interface amongst various members, privacy phone booths, meeting rooms, a spacious communal work-lounge providing comfortable environment for people to focus and unwind.