IREO Ludhiana Site Office

Client was starting up construction of proposed township in Ludhiana. The sample Villas, Sales Gallery were already being developed, the client then felt the need of more closely located working space to monitor day-to-day construction activities more efficiently. The decision was a part of overall strategy initiated by management committed to developing suitable business for the future. The decision was laden with the promise of a new beginning. It was immediately understood that the right architectural solution would speak to employees more eloquently than any policy assertions.

It was well understood from the client's brief that the need of the hour was to set-up an office which utilized space inch-by-inch, to be handed over in restricted time frame and work with-in budget constraints but more importantly - since it had to work in otherwise non-contextual site where an employee is surrounded by acres of only farmland to be developed. Thus feel of positive attitude and cheerful environment within had to be created in the way interiors are being designed.

A strategically detailed workplace study of the business mission, work culture and the work processes was conducted. The company bring to their investors a strong reputation of quality performance and to buyers that they will deliver creative and timely solutions. The Client has investors from America having a diversified portfolio which include residential and commercial land development. The organization tended to work in groups and clusters and interacted on drawings with each other across discussion tables. We had to facilitate the same dynamics thru planning.

In keeping with companies business, work culture paying attention to hierarchies the cabins were moved towards periphery. The work halls were housed towards courtyard, there were meeting tables planned with each cluster of 4-6 workstation depending on team size and function along with strategically placed open discussion areas. All cabins have glass frontage with privacy film for light penetration. We didn't question their need for formal spaces and managed to fit in their requirements of conference and meeting areas and discussion lounges as described by them in a separate wing directly entered from reception. Similarly cafe and wash rooms were also led separately from reception area so that n-number of site visitors can have their meals without interfering with office functions. A separate wing was created for support staff washrooms.

coverings, workstation fabric and chair upholstery. Selection of Olive depended on two reasons: to add green splash in acres of land to be developed and to overcome the monotony of colour already used in their previous offices we designed. Everything else was kept white and neutral in various textures be it was worktops, Laminate wall panelling, ceiling or even glass cladding.

With this design move the space acquired a degree of freshness and appeal. We increased the natural light inside by adding picture windows wherever possible and of course artificial lighting as per requirements. The best part is that every time one visit the office it feels cheerful. The success of the project was in demonstrating that standard cost and time bound build of a Site Office facility can also accommodate innovation and sensitivity. The design interventions are not lost on the customers, who appreciate subtle touches.