In a big move for the corporate division of Mohani Tea “A tea company that provides integrated tea solutions right from procurement, processing, manufacturing and export”, they selected asid to design a very high-end, by invitation only, office and tea-labs for their management. A warm opulent welcome is created right from the lift lobby through the concierge which opens into a comfortable and luxurious customer tea-lounge. With the narrative history wall, pooja space woven in, colour scheme of taupe & browns the interior design scheme attempts to substantiate the sense of luxury that offer a lush, rich environment.

A strong believer of vastu sciences, Mr. Aggarwal preferred to take all decisions balancing and corelating architects and vastu-consultants advise, since Mohani tea caters to diverse tea manufacturing needs including private label, tea bags, flavoured, herbal and value added teas production so we needed to create various interdependent zones. Connecting the lounge to other facilities are one branch towards office, other towards secured tea-testing abs, separate secured area for accounts/ HR and one section towards future expansion area. Other requirements included separate living area for office helps, private shower and change area for male female management staff, café, and access to refuge area. Finally the layout is quiet well fitted into everybody’s acceptability.

The labs were fitted with required equipment in a sequential accepted flow chart which developed with lot of exchange of ideas with their technical staff in a snow-super white color settings to ensure right color of the brew.

The design story for each space is expressed as per requirements, each is a tale of about wealth with custom carpets, colours, patterns, textures and finishes.

Beyond design, asid pushed Mohani– a traditional company – towards a modern office concept. The result is the complement that “ we love to be in the office, our working hours have increased”!