Johnson Controls India…. The arrival experience

JCI engaged asid to design its head-office and a branded digital experience center that illustrates its mission. Utilizing this opportunity asid crafted digital experience expressed to educate and interact with clients and employees to visualize technology advancements and access data. The new office based on the concept of central communal space as discussion and innovation hub communicates the firm’s commitment to engineering innovation and environmental responsibility.

As a showcase for Johnson Control’s engineering expertise the active reception and experience center , opens to become larger community space that provides a single location for staff to work, socialize and hold community events with island counter, hot desk working area, and adjoining meeting rooms. It is a hub formed for digital displays surrounded by a natural, green environment.

Along with the many departmental functions, the design also accommodates new research and development facilities, workshops, a co-creation center with rapid prototyping capabilities, and a digital command center for monitoring global and local trends. The office features innovative sustainable design strategies.

Healthy materials have been selected to eliminate VOCs, air conditioning is filtered and sensors throughout the space monitor indoor air quality.