Optimizing corporate tower to attract high-profile tenants

Following its acquisition of corporate tower at plot 5A & 5B, sector 126, Noida, real estate developer KS Developers aspired to build a premium destination that attracts select tenants, including top IT companies, ultimately affirming its brand identity in the property market across NCR.

By optimizing the building’s façade, adding another floor to consume FAR, and interior, with a wide design scope covering multiple floors enhanced using top-quality materials, we significantly increased the asset value of this 8-storey development as a Grade-A office tower, helping KS Developers to foster long-term business relationships with prospective clients and secure prosperous growth.

Together with green walls and floor-to-ceiling glass windows surrounding the floorplate, this headquarters offers a healthy, comfortable experience conducive for productivity, facilitating a closer bond between the organization and its people.

A large cafeteria provides staff with a variety of amenities to connect and socialize.