A user-centric experience

To understand the key challenges and opportunities, the workplace strategy team undertook occupancy studies, interviews visioning sessions and online surveys. This enabled us to define the optimal workplace environment.


asid conceptualized two floor office to increase productivity, support business growth as well as customers’ lifestyle choices by creating a relaxed, creative interior with natural light, practical facilities, and a sustainable space. British Council, where the WELL Building Standard are top priority, putting people and the environment at the heart of the design, it focuses exclusively on human health and wellness, we worked closely with sustainability experts to create a healthy workplace environment, achieving the LEED Platinum Certification.

Shared sense of purpose

Spontaneous interaction within the British Council team is essential. The senior people are visible and approachable, supporting the culture and transparency. Filled with natural light from the window wall the work areas and putting everybody with-in the same space create a shared sense of purpose for employees.

The front of house features a warm-colour palette, complemented by furniture, lamps and carpets with cultural imprints. The friendly and open office space speaks about Council’s approach by extending a warm welcome.