British Council , Exams’ Venues

The British Council administers various specialized examinations including exam for professional boards in fields including medicine, finance and marketing, IELTS, Assess English Exam, University Exam, etc. With surge in demand, BC needed premises at key locations across India. Not wanting to invest in leased spaces , BC decided to rather opt for some middle agreement like customized managed premises to provide premium exam facility for aspiring candidates

asid being a trusted partner to provide design services. Successfully delivered 10+ venues so far including major Indian cities and Kathmandu.

Exam Venue needed careful planning ensuring sequential candidate journey, highly confidential exam zone and strict adherence to design guides. From the point of arrival, security check, through waiting to LRW halls and speaking rooms, spaces are linked in order. New venues demonstrates careful integration of design, brand experience and managing site constraints. The outcome is characterful and featureful, comprising brand color palette, feature furniture, carefully curated for a candidate exam experience.