APJ business Centre: Crafting a contextual destination with a soul of New Delhi.

The APJ Business Centre sits at the sixth floor of Arunachal building, Connaught Place, in the historic precinct of New Delhi spread on one full floor covering 6500sft of area.

The Design brief called for converting almost falling apart floor to a throbbing business centre suited for clients looking for managed office.

We were quite taken aback on our first site visit the premises was in a defaced state. Beyond this the premises was formed and reformed so many times with multiple owners, just stripping-off the premises of all the additions overtime and bringing back to original volume was a challenge. Restricting enough were low ceiling heights. Structure insecurity came as part and parcel.

We took this as a challenge and opportunity to create “Client’s extraordinary” which would celebrate the cultural context of New Delhi.

The process of working on design was a deeply engaging exercise as multiple possibilities were explored, designs developed, model studies made and material studies were undertaken to arrive at apt design solution. These were taken through the construction process with as much commitment on site.

We borrowed freely from New Delhi architectural elements using them not only as appropriate interior design components, but also to create a contextual continuity. Internal landscaping, Wall textures, benches, lighting and furniture elements are used to create rhythmic extension.

Walking through the corridor reminds you of a evening stroll through Connaught Place colonnade. agile Multiple distributed activity based spaces provide meeting spaces to suit different needs, like phonebooths, collaboration seating, team seating, coffee bar, or even meeting rooms and board room.

Variety of business suites, customization flexibility to suit independent professional and teams, co-working spaces creating internal community helping exchange of ideas to get things done, and equally important was a demanding and well-informed client who already owns many business centres……….all went into thoughts, and processes to finally come up with the design.

Finally, nostalgic aroma at arrival space of a culturally rich business centre absorbing different requirements is an exciting amalgamation of diverse businesses and yet functioning as one cohesive community.