“Design has the mysterious power to evoke feelings, desire and influence people’s emotions. It is a way of communicating, sharing and exploring, but also an immersive process that requires creativity, enthusiasm and passion”.

We began with this evocative thought to conceptualize ILC sales gallery at Gurugram.

Proposed experience center picturesquely blends in with the natural environment. The site’s natural attributes informed the design. The architecture, interiors, and immersive visual experiences blur the boundaries between outdoors and indoors, creating an active, dynamic space that nurtures new connections between clients and the developer.

We created a giant living room kind of feel for employees and guests with design elements such as a living plant wall, interactive digital displays and model displays.

Finished with a deceptively simple, yet bold, color palette, as well as minimalist furniture and fixtures, the space offers a calm and professional canvas as a background to daily client interaction.